Gingerbread goodness

Gingerbread houses are the epitome of Christmas nostalgia for many and are a festive way for families to spend time together and creating these holidays.

For me, it is a family tradition to build a gingerbread house with my mum and sister and even though we are all apart this year, it is still on my Christmas to-do list to share the delicious magic and wonder the houses bring to those who have yet to encounter one! Here are a few products that make it all the easier.

Lodge cast iron baking pans are ideal for baking bigger cookies
your house will likely be a centrepiece so using a stylish base helps to keep it safe while moving.
Colour Coordinated
Le Creuset stackable ramekins are perfect for mixing icing colours or sorting sweets
Roll away
a Citta beechwood rolling pin is a must to get even gingerbread pieces
Make it snow
try an Apettio piping set to add the finer details like snow lined windows
Building Blocks
find a template online, or design your own if you’re feeling creative, otherwise sets like the Avanti Gingerbread House set make things simple

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