The final flourishes

From traditional and elaborate dinner tables to casual and rustic lunch settings, here are a few tips on creating your perfect festive table.

Choose your theme
Decide on a few core colours, and use those to keep the table looking cohesive. This could be traditional red and green, all things gold, or something more neutral with pops of bright orange or yellow. If you are setting up an outdoors table, then leaning into a more summery, rustic look works well. Alternatively, an inside dinner table is an opportunity for twinkling lights and candles.

Layers on layers
The best way to add impact to your table setting is with layers. It instantly separates a standard table setting to a celebratory, festive one. Start with a tablecloth, then add a table runner that fits with your theme. Add your bowls and plates, layered up in the order of courses. Napkins and cutlery can be placed next, with beautiful decorative elements last to finish the table.

Festive flavour
Ornaments aren’t just for the tree and can be the perfect addition to the Christmas table to give it the final festive flourish. Try some baubles in bowls, decorations along the table runner or tinsel wrapped around vases. Christmas themed candles and lights work here well to bring the whole setting to life and add some romance.

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