Getting winter ready

We’re all familiar with the importance of getting your vehicle ready for winter – checking your battery, antifreeze levels, wiper blades and tread – but did you know there are some pretty integral steps that can be done to winterise your humble abode too?



Better yet, get in the pros – they know exactly what to do in their specialist fields to get your home prepped for the negative numbers set to hit the city in a couple of months.

Now’s the time to get your heat pumps serviced. The filters fill up with dust which prevents the unit from working at its most efficient. A professional clean out will ensure you get the maximum heat for your dollar.

Inspect your windows and doors for leaks. A professional can check the sealings around windows, door frames and other openings and replace where necessary.

Clear out your gutters of any debris such as leaves, dirt and sticks. Clogged guttering prevents rain from draining which can force diversion and create leaks.

While you’re up there, check the roof, eaves and shingles. If your roof needs attention, give your roofer a call to assist with any repairs and maintenance.

Disconnect any garden hoses over winter, drain the remaining water and store in the garage or garden shed for the winter months, preventing damage from water that freezes then expands.


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