Gateway to New Brighton

New Brighton’s $65 million revamp has moved a step closer with the closure in August of public input.

The plan to address earthquake damage and improve emergency evacuation times along the main route to and from New Brighton was released earlier this year, focusing on Pages Road, east of Anzac Drive, and various surrounding streets.

Estimated to cost $65 million, the Gateway to New Brighton project involves major improvement to Pages Road, a new bridge, better traffic flow and improved safety for users of Pages Road and the surrounding streets.

Under the plan, the new bridge will be slightly north of the existing bridge. Pages Road will be aligned to the new bridge, and traffic light installed to replace the roundabout. The lights will be slightly north of the current roundabout and the roundabout area will become a pocket park featuring the existing palm tree.

Plans include new wetlands in red-zoned land along the west bank of the river, flood protection work, the
City to Sea Pathway, and new housing developments.

With the City to Sea Pathway in mind, Pages Road and the bridge will feature a four-metre-wide path for cyclists and pedestrians.

The next step is for more funding as part of the council’s long-term plan, which already has $21.2m allocated for the project. Construction is planned for the 2025/26 financial year and is expected to take about two years.

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