Supporting Canterbury’s female entrepreneurs

Fostering gender diversity in the start-up landscape, the Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund recently distributed $48,000, including $10,000 each to Lucy Pink from Onyou, Jamie Tucker from Laughing Pukeko, and Vicki Ledergerber from Vortek.

In New Zealand, only one in five start-ups is led by women, and the majority of venture capital goes to men. This fund seeks to address some of this imbalance and provide a stepping stone for female entrepreneurs to succeed.
Joy Shivas, the donor behind the initiative, believes a financial safety net will ensure female entrepreneurs feel supported as they take the leap into their new venture.

Christchurch Foundation Chief Executive, Amy Carter encourages women about to embark on an entrepreneur incubator programme to apply the fund, which aims to alleviate financial burdens and enable female entrepreneurs to devote their full attention to nurturing their fledgling companies.

“We believe in the power of women to shape the future through entrepreneurship,” says Amy. “The Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund provides a platform for female visionaries, from across Christchurch, Selwyn, and Waimakariri, to thrive, overcome barriers, and realise their potential.”

Applications for the next round of grants will open later in 2023. Anyone interested should subscribe to The Christchurch Foundation’s newsletter via their website

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