Fun for all, and all for fun: Chipmunks Playland and cafe

The Christmas school holidays are coming up and so too are the empty days in the calendar which need filling with activities. Enter the Holy-day Grail; Chipmunks Playland and café in Wigram.



Metropol caught up with Anna Dai from the purple-loving play area to hear why you can have fun there whether you are in diapers or the ones changing them.

Baby steps
The designated baby area is perfect for babies under 15 months and is equipped with a LED waterbed to have fun whilst crawling safely.
Low five
There is also a specific area for children under five – which is suitable for pre-school kids. It features an inflatable version of the mascot, Charlie, and an interactive slide.
Fun for all
The interactive ball pit and ball blaster are suitable for all ages. Many a mum and dozens of dads have been spotted channelling their inner child in this play area.
Fear factor
A signature attraction responsible for many a scream is the 9-metre mega slide.
It is the largest inflatable slide in the South Island and suitable for ages 3- to 11-years-old.
Visit Chipmunks at 218 Main South Road. To book a party call (03) 348 7256 or email


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