From the editor: 9 December

Counting down the days

December always seems an unusually busy month with business and office parties, putting in extra hours leading up to taking a festive break and sorting out what to do with children when schools end for the year.

This is a time when the adage ‘keep calm and carry on’ may be put to good use. Remember most work colleagues, clients and friends are all experiencing similar stress levels, so the trick is to try and not add to it.

Stress kills. Hundreds of scientific studies have shown this to be the case so at times when we know we will be facing extra stress, try and find ways to alleviate it. Think of the coming days, lazing at home or on a beach, catching up with friends and family, and importantly not a digital device in sight.

Yes, I’m suggesting ditch the cell phone, unplug the computer and have a few days free from the internet and technology. Take the family along on the same journey.
Life threatening it isn’t. Youngsters will survive without their internet fix for a few days and so will you. Embrace the outdoors, play cards, cricket or charades. Go somewhere – and such places do exist – where there is no internet or cell phone reception.

All too soon your break will be over and you will be back into the reality of today’s busy lives, so plan to relax even just a little.

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