Dreaming of a honda

When it comes to heritage and sheer diverseness of product, Honda is well and truly king of the hill.

“We ran the first Honda Expo in 2016 and due to its popularity with customers and Honda fans, we decided to make it an annual event,” says Honda Store Christchurch Marketing Manager Gladys Chung.

“Every year since, it has become bigger and bigger with more cars and products being lent to us to display as part of our celebration of all things Honda,” she says.
From the smallest N360 and S800 sports car, to a duo of original NSX supercars complemented by the only second generation NSX in New Zealand, there were cars for every Honda fanatic.
This collection also included a Honda Integra with only 25,000km on the clock.

There is more to Honda than just cars however. Motorcycles, ATVs, generators and four stroke garden tools, Honda’s range of engineering prowess is incredibly diverse. Company founder Soichiro Honda famously said, “We only have one future and it will be made with your dreams, if we have the courage to challenge convention.” Attending this year’s Honda Expo at Honda Store Christchurch would be enough to make anyone dream big.

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