Flow community at its heart: Flow Wellbeing

Leading yoga practitioner and teacher Donna Farhi says yoga embraces the value of collaboration.

She explains that “community is expressed in fostering a spirit of generosity, building equality and oneness.” At the opening of the new Flow Wellbeing Centre in 2021, Farhi reiterated her belief and passion for community. “Entering any of the studios feels like moving into a sacred space; an ancient cave, a forest glen, or the ocean’s edge. This centre sets a new standard for what a good yoga and wellbeing centre can be.”

Flow Wellbeing incorporates both Flow Yoga and Flow Therapeutics.

Flow Therapeutics specialises in pregnancy and women’s health. Includes massage, craniosacral osteopathy, life coaching/trauma therapy, nutritionist, herbalist and a dietician.

Services include facials, midwifery, LED Light Therapy with NZ’s only full bed, FlowPresso (lymphatic drainage suit) and Hañsa Yoga Therapy.

Specialist yoga classes for people who are pregnant, mothers with babies, women’s health restorative and therapeutic yoga are within the ‘Water’ Studio.

Flow Yoga offers general classes within their purpose built ‘Earth’ studio with its comfortable warmth and darkened environment. In contrast the hot ‘Fire’ studio encourages a detoxifying sweat that helps facilitate a deep effective full body stretch.

Flow Wellbeing is the largest wellbeing space within New Zealand, offering clients one of its many therapies or body and mind enhancing yoga classes. With over 50 classes – both big and small, hot and cool, and with a range of ages between 10 and 90 – all are catered for and welcomed.

The manifesto behind this Wellbeing Centre, right back from its inception in 2011, has always been about community. The owners share a passion for yoga, health and wellness and this comes from the heart, with community at the centre of it all.

Co-owner Tanya Crossland explains that “our teachers and therapists are inspiring, highly skilled, compassionate and fun.

We truly care about what we offer centre wide. In the yoga classes, we teach mindfully, with humour, warmth and attention to ease for each person present. We trust our students/clients will be well looked after and believe in the power of community.

Our staff work in schools and universities, as health professionals, home-makers, artists, designers and within hospitality.

Many are therapists and wellbeing experts. Our diversity is one of our strengths because we can speak to a broad demographic from our own vast experiences.

Donna Farhi encapsulated it best when she said: “We all need a place where we can go to rejuvenate ourselves. We are deeply blessed to share in the generosity of
this space.”

www.flowwellbeing.co.nz | 0800 FLOW WELL (3569 9355) | www.flowtherapeutics.co.nz

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