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To be in a room surrounded by people but be cut off from the conversations around you is frustrating and upsetting, and can feel incredibly lonely.

Hearing loss develops slowly and admitting to a hearing loss can be difficult. The good news is there’s help out there if you or someone you care about is experiencing hearing loss.

Hear Again is a highly rated clinic in Christchurch, with a team of experts ready to assist you on your hearing journey. Proudly New Zealand-owned and fully independent means they offer unbiased, honest advice and solutions.

With so many options out there now for hearing devices, it can be difficult to know what’s best. Often people can think top-of-the-range hearing devices will give the best results, but Hear Again owner Steve Foster explains that this is not always the case.

“With the advances of technology now, even the lower-cost hearing aids can give a great result. What is more important is how they are set up and programmed, as they are massively flexible.”

Steve says that when someone is struggling with their hearing devices, it is often because they are unsuitable for them or haven’t been optimally programmed for their individual needs. Having a wealth of experience in selecting and setting up hearing devices is critical.

Each client’s needs are individual, and there is no one size fits all fix. “We can see 10 clients with the exact same hearing loss and they all need something different,” says Steve. “One person’s music is another person’s noise.” Because of this, the team at Hear Again pride themselves on taking the time to get to know their clients.

“We are passionate about listening,” says Steve. “Clients come to us saying they feel like they haven’t been listened to by other clinics: they have been rushed through the process, or they never see the same clinician twice.”

It is important for each person who walks through their door to feel valued, and to leave feeling like they have been given the help that will make a difference for them.

There can be many underlying reasons as to why an individual suffers hearing loss; one common cause is an excess of ear wax, resulting in blocked ears. With the aid of micro-suction, Hear Again clinicians can gently and painlessly remove ear wax and debris. Get in touch to hear more.

Open Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm, Hear Again is located at The Hub in Hornby. Call 03 974 1658, or book an appointment online. For information,

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