Fighting back against fast furniture: D.J. Morrison Ltd

Modern living is “fast” – fast food, fast fashion, fast furniture. In a bid to keep up with the most recent home trends many people tend to opt for buying cheaper, lower quality products that inevitably end up in landfills a few years later.

This approach is a complete anathema for third generation furniture makers and restorers Dave and son Daniel Morrison of D.J. Morrison Ltd. For them furniture is not a disposable commodity, but an investment for the future. They say that when you purchase bespoke furniture you are likely to have created a timeless and treasured heirloom for your family to be passed down through the generations.

Father and son have had a long love affair with wood. They utilise native and recycled native timbers as well as imported timbers to design their one-off pieces. They do also use modern materials when clients request it.

This level of skill and passion for furniture makes D. J. Morrison the ideal choice should you have a family piece that needs restoration. Dave and Daniel have had the honour of working on some beautiful old wooden pieces in their time – everything from chairs and bureaus to dining room tables and bedroom suites. It all just proves that longevity comes from initial quality investment, not from buying “fast”.



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