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Incorporating vegetables into baking and desserts can bring delicious flavours and textures into sweet treats.

We all know and love a good carrot cake, yet there is a range of other veggies that work well in baking and desserts. Carrots, beetroot, courgette, and pumpkin all add nice textures, flavours and work to keep baked goods from turning out dry. As well as this, they of course bump up the fibre and nutrients which is always a win. Here are a few suggestions about what to whip up with your veggies next time you feel like making something sweet.

Already a sweet vegetable, pumpkin is delicious when used in baking and desserts. Pumpkin loaf, muffins, cake,
or not so common in New Zealand, the classic American pumpkin pie. Usually always accompanied with nice spices including cinnamon and nutmeg, a pumpkin dessert makes for a lovely wintery treat.

Loved for savoury brunches, avocado is more versatile than you may think. While technically a fruit, we had to include avocado as a must-try for desserts.
The flavour turns out to be quite subtle when used with other stronger flavours such as cocoa. For a beautifully smooth mousse or pudding, try using avocado, you will be amazed at the result.

Another subtle flavour is beetroot, which when used in baking gives an almost nutty taste, and when paired with chocolate is beautiful and rich. It will also lend moisture to baking and stop any dryness.
Try beetroot in chocolate cakes, muffins or mousse for pure indulgence. It can provide a stunning ruby red colour too if you let it be the hero ingredient.



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