Married at First Sight

Fab Five: Married at First Sight

This season’s much talked about reality show Married at First Sight had a big Canterbury flavour to it. Metropol catches up with the city’s contestants.


Married at First Sight


Don’t miss the tell-all Married at First Sight reunion episode, screening Sunday October 28 at 7pm on Three.

Questions asked:

  1. Describe your experience on Married at First Sight in three or less words.
  2. If you could wake up tomorrow and have gained one quality or ability, what would that be?
  3. If you could trade lives with someone, who would it be and why?
  4. What are three things on your bucket list?
  5. What is your favourite thing to do in Christchurch?


Yuki Sato 31

Yuki Sato 31

Hairdresser and business-owner


1) Incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

2) Ability to read people’s minds.

3) I would be happy to trade my life with myself again – I might give it a few tweaks though.

4) Get married (again) in Japan; Drive Route 66 with my husband; Visit the Taj Mahal

5) Go for walks with my dog Zara at Hagley Park.


Ottie Schwartz 32

Ottie Schwartz 32

Promotions manager


1) A great story!

2) The ability to speak to animals, so when I’m hungover on a Sunday morning I could politely ask the birds to pipe up elsewhere.

3) I hesitate answering this because you don’t know the troubles others are facing behind closed doors… at least I am the devil I know. But the short answer is Jay Kay – Jamiroquai Singer because of his car collection.

4) Swim with Great White Sharks; poke lava with a stick; see something that takes my breath away.

5) The city is getting more and more exciting so all sorts, but Botanic Gardens in the summer (outdoor cinema).


Monique Lee 25

Monique Lee 25



1) Trust, friendship, niggly.

2) The ability to time travel and pause time, so I can use it for the next question.

3) Can I trade back? Because I really like my life at the mo! If I can trade back to my own life then someone in a super powerful position who possibly isn’t using it as well as they could. But I’d need lots of help and time – hence previous answer.

4) Travel; Go to Tomorrowland (music festival in Belgium); raise children of my own.

5) Going to events in Hagley Park in the summer with friends (wine, food and music festivals).


Julia Malley 32

Julia Malley 32

Account Manager


1) Challenging, confronting and enlightening.

2) Teleporting so I could travel the world without jetlag and enduring cattle class.

3) Meghan Markle, because she’s topical, beautiful and is an amazing well rounded aspirational female; an inspiring role model in my eyes!

4) To visit the last continent in the world I haven’t been to yet – Antarctica!
To learn fluently another language; to watch an NBA game In the USA (front row next to Leonardo DiCaprio… dream big right?).

5) Start at The Tannery for brunch then op shopping followed by a visit to Willowbank – to feed my obsession with animals, then dinner down The Terrace (with some uncoordinated dancing to follow later in the night).


Tayler Morgan 29

Tayler Morgan 29

Apprentice industrial electrician


1) Stressful but fun.

2) I’d like to wake up tomorrow and be able to get my commercial pilot’s license.

3) I wouldn’t trade lives with anyone, I’m pretty happy being me.

4) Travel the world with someone amazing; do a hot lap in a Maserati and race a McLaren; meet Chris Pratt.

5) Go out to an amazing restaurant with wicked mates or barbecue on the deck. Biking and snowboarding.


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