Embrace your curves

Take the edge off 2020 with soft, curved upholstered furniture. Cocoon-esque chairs, couches and ottomans are not only a nod to 1960’s style, it’s exactly what we need right now; something soft and cushy to melt into at the end of another inevitably weird 2020 day.




Homely comforts have taken on new meaning this year as consumers are spending their money in the same places they’ve been spending their time – at home.

David Trubridge Navicula Pendant

And those purchases are reflecting all the things we want from our safe places; comfort and aesthetic appeal.


Oz Furniture Benny Irregular Mirror


Curved, puffy seating has been making an appearance in interior design schemes of note; with jelly bean shaped couches and round, padded chairs becoming lounge centerpieces.

Trenzseater Brice Chair

Designs by Australian furniture maker Sarah Ellison, as featured in our October 1 issue, have acquired a particularly strong following, as have those curvaceous options by BoConcept, Trenzseater, and David Trubridge.

Mocka Oslo Bar Stool

The pull of circular motifs does not end there, as we see the shapes occur in mirrors, tables, light fittings, rugs, banquets, paintings, coffee tables, vases and ornaments, too.

Marken Large Round Ottoman in Rose

Curves offer a departure from the straight lines our abodes often feature, providing both balance and interest in well-rounded measures.


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