Editor’s Note: Beat the blues

Heading into mid-winter, aside from feeling the cold, some people are also suffering the blues, concerned for example, about the economy and rising costs.

Through the gloom, however, there are rays of sunshine encouraging positive thinking.

In Christchurch, our wider region, and even nationally, we have much to be thankful for, especially looking at what is happening in other countries. War, famine, flooding, and various weather-related events wreak havoc daily elsewhere in the world. In New Zealand, occasional catastrophes with major impacts occur, although thankfully not on the same scale as overseas. For instance, we don’t have to worry about the next bomb or bullet coming our way, or whether there will be enough food for our country to survive on.

Metropol Editor, Lynda Papesch

Finding that elusive ray of sunshine, and being thankful for what we have is one way to beat the blues. Focus on what you can change, and try not to worry about matters that are outside of your control. Try to smile more often, and don’t be afraid to seek advice or inspiration from others.

In this issue, Metropol’s new Inspire page (see page 38) has some friendly advice, as does comedian Dai Henwood (see page 8), who is battling terminal cancer.

Winter is a time to stay indoors during inclement weather, reflect on the world around us, plan for warmer times, and read magazines. Alternatively head outdoors when it’s fine enough, and celebrate all that is good in and around us.

Don’t forget to add Matariki into that equation, marking the start of the new year in the Māori lunar calendar. Timed to coincide with the rising of the Pleiades star cluster, it’s an uplifting celebration.

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