Chic, contemporary curves

Sleek lines, traditional square coffee tables, conventional headboards, and boxy sofas are being replaced with curves, says Metropol writer Alicia Carr.

All the rage in the 1970s, the curve dominated the home design scene then, and has made frequent appearances in trends since. Now curves are back again, with a sophisticated, modern touch.

Think organically shaped armchairs, arched cabinetry, abstract tables, and rounded plush sofas. Circular shapes bring a point of interest and contrast nicely with the harsher, structured lines of a room. The often futuristic and dystopian look of these pieces are sure to make a statement.

Curves became prominent as people began to seek comforting, playful, and welcoming spaces in their homes amid stressful and isolating times. Metropol has some ways to bring the curve into your home.

Living room
Try a rounded coffee table or opt for the trending, plush cloud sofas. For a less-costly option, make use of rounded, decorative cushions. You will never want to leave with these soft and inviting curves.

Go for a rounded headboard over your bed and circular bedside tables to bring soft curves into your bedroom, and consider a minimalist, curved ottoman or end-of-bed bench.

Kitchens may seem like a difficult or abnormal space to add curved furniture, however, a set of rounded barstools or arched cabinetry will do the trick. Include appliances and whiteware with softer lines.

Choose a curved entryway table to ensure that the soft, inviting feel of your home is the first point of contact when people arrive.



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