Dream Dresses

Dream Dresses

Subtle colours and versatile designs, which are playful yet romantic, will appeal to brides this wedding season.


Dream Dresses


Brides of Merivale owner Lisa Dermott says this season’s wedding dresses will again be subtle in colour with metallic golds, silver and platinum featuring. Brides are also opting for adaptable dresses with detachable pieces like sleeves, trains, and overskirts, which can be worn during the day and night.

“They can be two very unique looks but save brides having to buy two dresses,” she says.
When it comes to styles, anything goes. For the modern bride, 90s silhouettes, jumpsuits, sheer fabrics, backless styles and separates will trend giving brides the opportunity to show off their personality. Chicly hidden pockets are becoming popular allowing brides to keep personal things close to them on their big day. Simple and sleek, slip wedding dresses are perfect for the minimalist bride and can look sophisticated with any neckline.

For the traditional church weddings, big skirts with elegant bodices and plenty of tulle will feature and luxurious lace isn’t disappearing anytime soon.

Whatever dress you decide on, remember it should suit your shape and ultimately be comfortable, allowing you to move through your special day with ease.



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