Spice it up

Nothing beats fresh, but many herbs are seasonal, and spices not readily produced in New Zealand. That’s where a spice box comes in handy. Fill it with dried and powdered herbs and spices, keep it handy to the cooktop and add a dash here and there for heat, taste and zing, especially in ethnic recipes. […]

Setting the standard: Food & Health Standards

We need food for our very existence. We also need that food to be safe for consumption. Food safety does not happen spontaneously. It is highly regulated and there are organisations in our community dedicated to this task. Fundamental to the safety programme are food control plans (FCP) under the Food Act (2014). Every business […]

Super soups

  Warming, refreshing, delicious and simple to make, soups are a true one-pot wonder, and just as we embrace the cooler weatherof winter, it’s time to embrace creativitywith your winter soup repertoire. Here is Metropol’s round up for some easy soup-spiration for the cooler months ahead.     GREEN GOODNESS Eating your greens is an […]

Lets get together

  Aside from the eating benefits, cooking has long been known as a means of socialising, and the kitchen is often referred to as the heart of a home.     Anyone can cook, whether it’s cheese on toast for beginners, making your own cheese or, for the more advanced, creating a sumptuous seven course […]

Futuristic fermentation

  Fermented foods have been making waves for a few years now, as the power of their probiotics keeps those keen on consuming gut-loving goodness coming back for more. And this trend is showing no sign of subsiding. Morgan Tait looks at the next evolution of fermented foods.     Cultured coffee Putting new meaning […]

Authentic Moroccan cuisine: Mosaic By Simo

  The tagine is at the heart of authentic Moroccan food. Dishes that are similar to stews cooked in distinctive earthenware pots, using unique spice combinations that encapsulate centuries of Berber culture.     You can experience a taste of the real deal at Mosaic by Simo, the Addington restaurant and takeaway that’s now an […]