Concussion Recovery Successes: Gill Redden Cranio

Gill Redden constantly sees the consequence of concussions or bad head knocks that were never identified at the time of the initial accident. That’s because an impact anywhere always sets up a chain of events, which the body tries to accommodate for as long as it can.



Gill uses full body Cranio techniques, which are internationally accepted, combined with nearly two decades as a professional CranioSacral practitioner. She is able to help loosen up head bones, the membranes surrounding the brain which then form the spinal canal, tailbones, organs and nerves. By treating the whole body, it assists the nervous system to stay healthy or to repair in a non-invasive manner. This can potentially help with a reduction in pain or problems even 24 years after an accident or concussion (see a video on the website of Janice who had migraines for 24 years after a bad car accident).

Gill treats people with a wide range of symptoms including migraines, headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, nausea, double-vision, fatigue, poor sleeping, vomiting, neck pain, nerve problems, poor concentration, aggression, depression and anxiety. Her comprehensive website lists positive testimonials, ranging from rugby players who suffered head knocks to others suffering ongoing issues, who have all found relief after attending the Bealey Avenue clinic.

“Any head knock can mean that head bones, membranes, organs, blood vessels or nerves may no longer be moving well, potentially leading to anxiety, depression, brain fog, poor decision-making, dizziness or other problems – sometimes immediately, but other times years later,” explains Gill.

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