Comfortglaze: High performance retro-fit

Double glazing plays an integral part of keeping your home cool in the summer, and dry and warmer in winter.

Spring is the perfect time to consider double glazing your home to reduce excessive summer heat and allow for a more moderate internal climate, all year round.

At Comfortglaze, we specialise in retrofitting your existing single glazed panes from your timber and aluminium windows.

Our team of experts remove the old single glazed glass and replace it in the existing frames with new thermally insulated double glazed panes.

These high performance, thermally insulated double glazed units can be tinted or laminated to reduce UV rays, help with noise reduction, and provide up to five times the strength for added security.

If you are thinking about renovations and want to get your home ready for the fast approaching summer heat, it’s time to contact Comfortglaze.

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