Closet envy

Contemporary home design often includes a walk-in wardrobe as part of the master suite, and also as part of a guest suite.

Spacious, well organised and with a built-in storage system are the basics, however the finished room will depend on who it’s for and what their style is. A luxury wardrobe is all about creating a beautiful space that you enjoy walking into every time.

Here are some suggestions from Metropol.

Create a focal point

If you have the space to hang statement lighting, try a large ring pendant to create practical illumination and a wow factor all in one.

Mini art gallery

Hang one or two of your favourite art works on the walls to enjoy, with proper lighting to show them off of course.

Central island

Add an island of drawers, including special jewellery compartments, and accentuate it with a large chandelier for extra glitz and glam.

Bespoke vanity

Include a gorgeous vanity table, with compartmentalised make-up drawers, complementary chair and well-lit mirror.

Joint venture

Merge a walk-in/walk-through wardrobe with an ensuite bathroom or vanity area to make dressing up and down easier.

Mirror, mirror

Don’t forget a full-length mirror or two for that all around outfit check.v

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