Working with natural beauty

Timber cladding has seen a sharp rise in popularity over the last decade, used by leading architects and seen in incredible designs across New Zealand, in new and inspired ways.

The natural material has always been used in building, but like all trends has dipped and risen over the decades. The latest, strong comeback for timber shows the power of a high quality, honest material, which is now seen in designs as something truly beautiful to use on the exterior and interior of homes.

Timber cladding is also an extremely workable material, which helps architects incorporate innovative designs, shapes and ideas into their buildings that might not have been possible with materials such as brick and stone.

Architects are using timber in inventive ways that really highlights the natural beauty of the material. Gone are the days where it was only to build rustic and unpolished, bach like designs. New modern builds are using timber cladding to create a contemporary aesthetic that is sophisticated while also creating a warm, homey feel.

Something timber does more so than most materials is connects us to nature. The natural textures, feel and colours are parallel with those found in nature. Similar to the increased popularity of indoor plants and greenery, there is a sense of calm and peace when these natural features are incorporated into a home.

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