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A bedroom should be a sanctuary, a peaceful haven where a blissful night’s sleep is top of the list. Often it’s a neglected room, a dumping ground for clothes (clean or dirty), and clutter and a quick hiding place when guests are suddenly due. Never fear; follow these simple tips from Metropol and you’ll not only banish the clutter but be well on the way to a more restful sleep.

Organise your makeup
Arrange the perfume and make-up you use every day neatly, using decorative trays and storage vessels.

Dump old makeup
Throw out old make-up, perfume and toiletries. Products past their use-by dates may harbour harmful bacteria.

Replace old pillows
If your pillows don’t easily spring back into shape, dump them and invest in some new ones. Try bamboo pillows.

Ban random rubbish
Regularly clean out any rubbish, old knick knacks, papers and used coffee cups that accumulate.

Clean out your clothes
Keep those you wear the most and get rid of everything torn, saggy, shrunken, old, mouldy, smelly or stained.

Banish the laundry basket
Don’t keep dirty laundry in your bedroom. Use a basket in a bathroom or laundry. Put clean laundry away straight away.

Ban fur babies
Don’t let your pets into your bedroom. They disrupt sleep, shed pet hair onto bedding, bring in fleas and dirty bed linen.

Mobile phones
Ban these from the bedroom. They’re usually home to more bacteria than a toilet seat, and expose you to non-ionizing radiation.

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