Celebrating an icon: Chateau on the Park

History, connection, and quality combine in this adored Christchurch hotel. Now is the time to celebrate.

On Friday, 12 July, the iconic Chateau on the Park will celebrate 50 years of impeccable hospitality, and a legacy as one of Christchurch’s favourite accommodation and cuisine destinations. Designed in 1974 for the Christchurch Commonwealth Games, Chateau on the Park has a rich history and a longstanding link to the city’s people. In honour of this special bond, the doors will open to a monumental banquet gala in celebration

Entertainment, live music, a drink on arrival, and a retro-style banquet dinner are on offer on the night, a fabulous opportunity to dress to the nines and acknowledge a cornerstone of local heritage. The team encourages everyone to bring family and friends, to toast the milestone and revisit the history.

The event will do what the Chateau does best – bring joy and foster connections, marketing executive George Sinclair-Thomson says. “This is an occasion to celebrate all the Chateau is about, where people can meet others who have been coming to the hotel over the past 50 years.”

It is a hallmark Christchurch spot, known for warm welcome arrivals, a serene garden setting, and its commitment to entertaining, whether at a Sunset Session or a meal at the Garden Court Brasserie.

Originally the Chateau Commodore, it was designed by acclaimed New Zealand architect Peter Beavan, before becoming a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in 2016. Over the years, the space has been refurbished and updated. Never has it lost its esteemed touch, and it is now one of the last of Beavan’s neo-Gothicism-inspired hotels after the devastation of the earthquakes. Between accommodating conference and event groups, out-of-town holidayers, locals on staycations, regular restaurant-goers, and everything in between, the Chateau continues to serve thousands.

The memories of locals and years of service from staff prove it’s the relationships that make it such a treasure. It made sense that the cherished Chateau would recognise such loyalty and spirit with a magnificent celebration.

Its 50th birthday marks an incredible achievement, the withstanding of turbulent times that would see it grow to become a beacon of longevity and comfort for locals and tourists alike.

For $139, enjoy all on offer at the gala plus a night of connection, commemoration, and nostalgic emotion beyond compare. Email chcnz_cb@hilton.com with your ticketing details to secure your tickets, and enquire about special accommodation rates for the night.


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