Know your glassware

A glass might feel no different to the next one. However, there’s a whole world of meaning behind the glassware we use for each drink.

I had never paid much thought to the effectiveness of elegant, quality glasses until I inherited crystal glassware from my late grandmother. Besides the sentiment, they’re refined, sophisticated, effortlessly gorgeous, and greatly enhance the experience.

The act of curating a glassware collection is a discerning one,and funnily enough, widely discussed. There are tumblers, champagne coupes, highballs, flutes, martini glasses, red and white wine glasses, shot glasses, the list goes on. Then, there’s the competition between glass and crystal, the latter made with added minerals which lift its brightness, and durability.

The appropriate glass for your drink of choice will highlight its specific texture, colour, aroma, and flavour. On the other hand, nice glassware is luxurious, crafting a delicate, opulent energy whenever you drink.

With a recent growth spurt in popularity, there are now many options in the market for ever-chic glassware that makes a drink even more enjoyable and looks stunning doing it. Purchasing high-quality from the start can lead to significant long-term savings, on cost and the environment.

First, a traditional ‘on the rocks’ tumbler. Its simple, sturdy base keeps your drink cool, so look for something with character. For a highball glass often filled with ice, soda, liqueur, garnishes, and bubbles, go plain. Gins and martinis work wonders in a martini glass, naturally. Garnish with circular items like grapes or olives to accentuate the shape. Classic red and white wines have their respective bowls, the red being wider to give the wine more air, while the white’s narrow height retains a cold temperature.

A well-designed glass will bring the aromas to your nose, offering an authentic tasting experience. Showcase your collection on a neat console table and finish the look with a whisky decanter and wine cooler.

Ralph Lauren Garret Saddle coasters, Trenzseater.
Ladelle Xavier whiskey decanter, Addy & Lou.
Eichholtz Jordan wine cooler, Trenzseater.
ristina Re Rose pink crystal coupe, Stevens.
Admiral crystal tumbler, Nood.
Luigi Bormioli Elixir highball glass, Stevens.

Main image: Console table Find Me: French Country Collections.

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