Bold and beautiful

A fresh swatch of colour on your lips is often the finishing touch to a showstopping ensemble.

Going bright and bold in the lipstick department is brave, but once you are comfortable wearing beautiful pops of colour you will fall in love with the confidence boost it can give you. Lipstick can be classic and timeless, it can be fun and peppy, it can be dark and mysterious.

Whatever mood you are going for, here are a few tips to help you master the art of wearing a bright, bold and beautiful lip.

Hydration is key
Smooth and luscious lips start on the inside, and if you are wearing a bright colour you want to make sure you don’t have dry flaky lips. So hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. As well as water, a good moisturising lip balm will help in keeping lips hydrated, in between lipstick-wearing occasions.

A shade for you
We’re all different, we all have different skin tones, different eye colors, different hair colours. What lipstick your best friend loves may not be the right shade for you. So try a few and figure out what you love, remember you need to feel comfortable and confident in your colour.

Tidy up
When using a bold colour, it isn’t so easy to get your outlines perfect. A cotton tip is perfect for taking off any extra product that went over your lip line. Then go in with a little concealer to cover up where you wiped, so your foundation blends seamlessly.

Mix and match
Try out your bold lipstick colours with some different outfits at home and see what you love. You may find wearing a more neutral outfit works best to balance out the bright lip. Or you could try matching your lip shade to similar accents throughout your outfit for a tied-together look.

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