Beer for man’s best friend: Wigram Brewing Co

Your dog is a member of the family and should be treated as such. If you could enjoy New Zealand’s favourite drink, beer, with your furry friend, you would, right?

The good team at Wigram Brewing Co have sorted this with their range of Dog Beer. Developed with their own dog, Blitza, and the ritual of sharing
a beer with your mates, in mind, the lip-smacking doggie draught was created.

“We did a bit of research as to what could go into our Dog Beer – what would be super tasty and also good for them at the same time,” says Caroline McGurk, at Wigram Brewing Co. “We went ahead and developed the recipe using the Little Bone Broth Company’s broth, added a few secret ingredients, vigorously tested it on a handpicked panel – Blitza and friends – elevated the data, and Dog Beer was born.” The team have been amazed at how many people want to share beer with their canine companions, and how well it has been received by thirsty pets.

It is currently stocked at pet supply retailers around the South Island, and you can also pick it up at the brewery. The team’s best mate’s match is a can of Dog Beer for your doggo and a can of their new Aviator APA for yourself. Yum.

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