Beauty is back in business…: Lovoir Beauty

We know a lot of you have been missing your beauty services, so we caught up with Teresa Sime from Lovoir Skin Body & Beauty, which recently celebrated its first birthday, to give you your much needed beauty world updates.



How did you spend your lockdown period? What were some of your beauty routines?

“Our staff have been upskilling during this period with online training; it’s been the perfect time for this with everyone having ample time on their hands. It has not all been work though. All this extra time made way for the usual house reorganising, family time, exercise and food!
“I incorporated soaking rituals from our organic skincare range into my normal highly active cosmeceuticals regime. I have absolutely loved it, not only for my skin but also my mind. I think now more than ever we could all do with some mindfulness and self-love included in our normal daily routines.”

Did you see or hear of any crazy quarantine beauty trends?
“I saw plenty of waxing fails with interesting results – they mostly looked painful and full of regret! We have also had plenty of messages from clients who could not resist having a go at their eyebrows. It is fair to say there’s a lot of fix up jobs to be tended to!”

What are some trending treatments that you’re offering?
“We utilise skin needling, LED, cryotherapy and infusion technology to create bespoke treatment plans for our clients. LED Light Therapy (Light Emitting Diodes) is one that we absolutely love. Originally the technology was developed for NASA. Scientists are learning more all the time about this amazing technology which uses specific light energy to stimulate different responses in the cells. For the beauty industry we use it for anti-ageing, reducing pigmentation, inflammation, healing the skin and effectively treating acne. I think that this technology will become a lot more widely used and utilised in the coming years for entire body anti-aging!”

Do the levels effect how your customers can come and see you?
“Now that we can open again we are doing everything that we can to keep Lovoir’s atmosphere the warm and inviting place that our clients love. We have sourced an amazing antimicrobial surface protectant, skin sanitiser and laundry treatment to ensure that every angle has been covered, whilst maintaining our pampering experience!”



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