White Washing

White Washing: Adding interest to stark spaces

While we’re not one to play favourites, when it comes to the home, we’re a big fan of white spaces.

White Washing


And, although this milky-hued foundation is the perfect blank canvas for creating a striking space that never dates, when it comes to visual interest, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination.
Whether it’s a splash of colour or some clever contrasts, there are plenty of ways to bring life to your neutral spaces.


White Washing
Whether a splash of colour or some clever contrasts, there’s plenty of ways to bring life to your neutral spaces

When it comes to home décor, colour has transformational abilities that are only limited by one’s imagination and the speed of a brush stroke. Be bold, be brave and, if you’re not, fake it till you make it with some small splashes of transitional colour.

Take a walk on the wild side this year, with au natural the king of the castle. Think artisan furniture – handmade with a raw edge. This aesthetic is by no means a perfectionist when it comes to looks and personality but, ironically, therein lies its perfection.

3 – TIME FOR TEXTURE: Textural elements in interior design have never been more crucial. Add some fabulous-looking faux furs, velvety, furry, sheepskin-like furnishings or flocked, patterned wallpaper.

4 – OPPOSITES ATTRACT: If a room gets boring, don’t be afraid to create contrast with some interesting pairings and surprise elements in your décor – a rustic stag head next to dainty white curtains can create strong visual interest and create a talking point