Where to meet: The Meeting Rooms

When location is key and time is money, The Meeting Rooms is the obvious choice for workplace events. Located in the airport complex at 10 De Havilland Way, they are just a short walk from the domestic and international terminals, supermarket, restaurants and accommodation.



The large range of room sizes is suitable for everything from a one-on-one interview to up to 32 seated with tables, or 51 seated theatre-style, each room featuring plenty of natural light.

Catering is available from locally celebrated Pulp Kitchen Catering and can be served in the breakout room, in the ensuite or the two newest conference rooms, or al fresco lunch in the courtyard green is popular. Thirty free carparks are available on a first come, first served basis, and each room is fitted with electronic equipment and Wi-Fi, with laptops available to hire.

Recent hostings include conferences, industrial trainings, interviews, mediations, health and safety seminars, recruitment drives for both private and public sector clients, and even a Select Committee hearing. The venue has also been used as a safe third-party site for more sensitive workplace meetings.

Rooms can be hired from one hour to weeks at a time and, while in-office hours are the focus, late nights and weekends can be booked by special arrangement.

Owner and problem-solver-in-chief Kaye Malloch says, “Flexibility is our watchword in terms of our range of room sizes and their uses. We’ve hosted airport security dogs in training, role-plays in the hallways, even a part time medical clinic!”

For details, booking options and prices, visit www.themeetingrooms.co.nz.




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