Wellness Warriors

Wellness warriors come in all shapes and sizes – sometimes they are simply just savvy pieces of tech that allow you to take an active approach to your health and wellbeing. We explore the latest warriors to enter the tech world and they’re guaranteed to give your wellbeing that extra boost. After all, when it comes to looking after ourselves, we could all do with a little extra help every now and then!



1. Sleep: The Oura Ring
Not a fan of the big, bulky fitness watch? Enter the Oura Ring, a simple piece of smart technology that’s so discreet and comfortable you‘ll never want to take it off. The ring builds insights about your physical self and relays it to you through the Oura app, allowing a 24/7 overview of your body activity. Not only does it track simple things like steps and calories, it also measures all of your body’s vitals while you sleep in order to craft a personalised sleep plan.

2. Fitness: Sensoria’s Smart Socks
Fitspo fanatics rejoice – smart garment technology is now a thing thanks to Sensoria. Their smart socks look just like your regular pair of running socks, but woven into the fibres are textile sensors that sit on the sole of the sock and relay pressure information through to a comfortable, adjustable and magnetic anklet that communicates with the mobile app via Bluetooth. Get real time feedback from typical running metrics like speed and pace through to stats about pressure and cadence.

3. Nutrition: Smart water bottle by Hidrate Spark
We all know that one of the keys to optimal health is water intake, but our lives are so busy that a lot of the time we forget to drink it. That’s where the smart water bottle Hidrate Spark comes in. The Hidrate Spark bottle not only tracks your water intake, it can also integrate with fitness trackers such as the FitBit and Apple Watch, and the best part is, the bottle itself glows in accordance with your daily goal to remind you to take a sip!

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