Wear your wool: Davaar & Co

The colder New Zealand months are unpredictable, and a good quality knit is what keeps that winter chill away.

Searching for the right garment can be a question of quality and style, and the investment needs to last a lifetime. Davaar & Co’s jersey collection combine all three elements: look, warmth, and longevity.

In the early stages of the pandemic, Kate Macdonald started Davaar & Co with a simple dream: to recreate the homespun jersey her grandmother Sally used to make. That simple dream grew into an ideology to reinstate the importance of wearing sustainable, naturally-made wool jumpers.

Kate values the need to keep her products New Zealand made, as reflected in the production process. Each jersey is shorn on Kate’s family farm, with wool personally selected using technology that finds the best quality fleece fibres.

The wool then journeys across Timaru, Wellington and Dunedin, before returning home to the farm to be hand-packed by Kate and shipped to the buyer.

The full-circle process has “never been more important than now,” Kate says, highlighting the significance of supporting local. “To me, it’s so much more than just a jersey off the rack.”

Why wool?
Wool has many natural benefits that make it worth the premium, both to your wallet and the environment. Woollen fibres are naturally insulating and can acclimatise to your surroundings, retaining heat if you’re out in the cold, and releasing heat when amongst the warmth, the breathable fleece providing whichever comfort you need. It’s durability and non-allergenic qualities mean money well spent, a piece that can slip into every wardrobe and outfit choice with ease. Renewable and biodegradable, wool regrows and breaks down far quicker than synthetic substitutes.

Visit the Davaar & Co flagship store on your next journey down south, 6 Princhster Road The Key, Te Anau, or shop online.


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