Waste not, Want not: Natural Flow South

Are you looking for a simple, environmentally friendly sewage treatment system that doesn’t require expensive, on-going maintenance? The NaturalFlow system not only provides an eco-sustainable sewage solution and produces a high quality result to treat wastewater, but saves money and time.




Keeping it simple is the company’s philosophy – using power-free, natural processes to treat wastewater. Owner/director of NaturalFlow South, Kingsley Kepple, says the vermiculture system is an alternative to aerating treatment systems which require pumps, electricity and computers – which can break down over time – and there is no noise! “It’s a natural system, which replicates what is done in nature. It’s really economical to run as there are no ongoing pump costs and it works all day, totally on aerobic treatment processes, doing everything for you.”

The system is also very flexible, he says. “It’s ideal for the more awkward sites where you can’t get a big concrete tank to, such as in the Marlborough Sounds. It’s made of modular plastic and weighs only up to 600kg per unit. You don’t need power, so it’s perfect if you are off the grid.”



Produced in the North Island for more than 18 years, Kingsley began installing NaturalFlow systems in the South Island after the earthquakes, when he was working in Christchurch on commercial road drainage. “We decided it was such a good system, that I took over the agency for the South Island, selling and supplying them to a range of customers, from farmers and lifestyle block owners, to camping grounds and homestays.”


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