Wallpaper escapism

Wallpapers are a door to a new realm, an opportunity to make a room your own.

Curated by Nina Tucker

Intriguing, mystical, and beautiful, a wallpaper and its intricacies are so captivating, yet so simple to hang. Like a drawing, many wallpapers are a blend of imagination and reality.

Animals and other creatures, plants, flowers, and everything in between, you can unleash your wild side with wallpaper.

Escape to the Serengeti, a rainforest, or the Hamptons, with a plethora of different prints and patterns. Go simple with light designs and stripes, or play with hyperrealism through wallpapers that imitate things like brick or wood. Choose something that excites you instead of overwhelms you, a love-at-first-sight moment.

Often avoided out of fear it will be ‘too much,’ yet wallpaper affords a feeling you just can’t get with a splash of paint. Wallpapers come with a regal aura, a sense of fantasy with a polished touch. This means you can be creative without worrying it will devalue your space. Plus, you can go all in with four walls of wallpaper, or create just one feature wall.

While considered a form of decorating, it pays to be much more thoughtful when choosing wallpaper than you would be when buying a new vase or throw. Wallpapers work well in moody spaces such as the bathroom, especially if you prefer a minimalist style in the main areas of your home, yet still want to let your eclectic side shine.

If you’re stuck on how to decorate or aren’t quite sure of your style, let wallpaper do the work. Personality and richness come through with wallpaper to add the depth you would otherwise get with multiple decorative objects.

Ways to wallpaper

• Favourite holiday images can be made into wallpaper, for consistent reminders of happy memories, and to book the next one.
• Enhance an indented wall with wallpaper, such as around the bed frame or in archway indents, and emphasise with accent lighting.
• Consider the elements of each room when adding wallpaper, and use styles that work with the lighting to set the tone.

Amazon Reverie by The Inside


Serengeti by Boråtapeter


Glasshouse Midnight by Graham And Brown


Cole & Son Macchine Volanti by Trenzseater


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