Denim in technicolour


Often, it’s hard to combine denim and colour, because the classic blue shade is just that, classic. So, it’s pretty exciting when denim in bright bold hues comes back into fashion.

You can stray from the blue wash, and only go as far as white, grey, or black styles. Sometimes, this might be the unambiguousness you need to keep in a look. Yet, if you want something fun and statement-making, look to a bright grass green, or a sweet pink colour. Tie it in with an accessory just as vivid and vivacious, to keep the look balanced, and avoid making that gorgeous denim piece look like the ‘odd one out.’

What feels like it will be the hardest to style is sometimes the easiest. The colour carries the outfit, so the only work is accessorising to suit your needs. For a relaxed day out, style with white sneakers, an oversized tote, and minimal jewellery. If you’re heading to a brunch, lunch, dinner, or event, pair it with striking heels and chunky jewellery.

Super Sea Wolf GMT
Find Me: Zodiac.

Dark Fern Glow Mesh bag
Find Me: Sussan.

Frame Denim Le Slouch grass green denim jeans
Find Me Superette.

Mirror jacket and straight leg jeans in light pink denim
Find Me: Kowtow

Wide Leg fiery pink jeans
Find Me: POM.

Superlow straight leg jeans
Find Me: Levi’s.

Wide Cocoon Fit cream jeans
Find Me: Low Classic.

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