Country takeover


Once again, fashion has steered western.

Whether derived from Pharrell for Louis Vuitton’s Wild West collection in January, Beyoncé’s latest album Cowboy Carter, or the popular television series Yellowstone, western fashion influences have well and truly returned. Rippling into New Zealand fashion houses, designers have eagerly adopted the trend, a natural becoming for a country that already shares so much with a country lifestyle.

With cowboys and rodeos in most regions of New Zealand, the style is an easy one to embrace. Fashion critics have argued that the rodeo aesthetic will simply never go away,
it will forever evolve. Worn by many Kiwis before it became a trend, it’s one you can be confident will stick around.

Local country icons like Metropol interviewee Kaylee Bell provide inspiration to bring out your inner cowgirl, while the legendary Shania Twain is, too, a noteworthy reference point for chic country styling.

Image: Holder bone boots Find Me: Andrea Biani


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