Underneath the lamplight

Lamps come into their own during the darker months, focusing warm, subtle light where most needed.

Curated by Lynda Papesch

F or creating a mood and atmosphere, lamps play a more important role than almost any other furnishings.
For instance, one of the easiest ways to light a dark corner in your bedroom, or add atmospheric lighting to your living-room area, is to use a table or floor lamp.

The style and colour will possibly be the hardest choice with so many options.

From antique to contemporary, glass to brass, and modern polished nickel, lamps come in a huge assortment of designs, shapes, colours, dimensions, and lighting abilities.

Interior designers say home (and office) lighting can also affect a person’s state of mind. Whether you are looking for a little romance, relaxation, fun, or sophistication, the right lamp will add to a room’s ambience, and create a specific mood or feel.

Lamps should be functional, affordable, and look great in their space, so take your time selecting. Always buy the best, taking both antique and modern options into account. An antique lamp will most likely continue to increase in value, while a modern designer lamp could become a future antique.

Table lamps are great tools to define functional zones within a room, and to accentuate an emotional impact of specific spaces. Think about a reading lamp, a romantic dinner table lamp, or a lamp emitting a soft warm glow for nighttime illumination. Table lamps are also good for creating a calm and cosy atmosphere, or, if desired, bringing formality, class and artistic expression into a room.

Floor and table lamps are easily, and quickly, able to be repositioned, so you can change a room’s vibe with ease.

Choosing the right lamp is a personal business, much the same as buying a piece of art, or a new couch. Start by defining what kind of mood you are trying to achieve.
Look at the scale and purpose of specific rooms in your home. If a room is large and ceilings are high, consider lighting fixtures that are significant in the scale, such as floor lamps.
Pay attention to the height of lamps, and also the diameter their shades.
Lamps featured on this page are from the Ralph Lauren Collection, available at Trenzseater.



Equilibrium Table Lamp in Polished Nickel.
Benton Desk Lamp in Natural Brass with Navy leather shade.

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