The new Black Badge Ghost

Rolls Royce’s new Black Badge Ghost will launch in New Zealand next year.

In the five years since Black Badge became publicly available, it has come to symbolise the pinnacle of bespoke super-luxury vehicles.

Black Badge is the highly successful alter ego of Rolls-Royce, now representing more than 27 percent of commissions worldwide and is codified by the mathematical symbol that represents a potential infinity, which is found within the motor car’s interior. This graphic, also known as the Lemniscate, was applied to Sir Malcolm Campbell’s record-breaking Rolls-

Royce-powered Blue Bird K3 hydroplane and the marque’s designers nominated this hallmark for Black Badge motor cars to reflect their own unrelenting pursuit of power.

Rolls-Royce debuted Black Badge with Wraith and Ghost in 2016, followed by Dawn in 2017 then Cullinan in 2019. In October 2021 it debuted what the company describes as “the purest and most technologically advanced Black Badge motor car yet, Black Badge Ghost.”

Clients are free to select any of the marque’s 44,000 ‘ready-to-wear’ colours or create their own entirely unique hue, however most (men and women) select the signature black.
Pricing will be announced at a later date.

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