The Investigative Experts: The Property Detectives

With a combined 40 years’ experience in all areas of the construction industry, the team at The Property Detectives say it is “really” hard to pull the wool over their eyes when it comes to building.



The local company specialises in all property and building inspections, from pre-sale and pre-purchase to rental WOFs, as well as plumbing and drainage inspections. After working right through the Canterbury quakes, the staff, who are all current LBP builders, have extensive knowledge in the areas of EQC repairs.

After becoming alarmed at the state of some homes following the earthquakes and not wanting those problems being passed on to the next buyer, they began working to find and remedy issues that have, or could have, arisen from improper repairs or non-compliant works.

By utilising a range of high-tech systems, such as a thermal imaging device and underfloor critter camera, The Property Detectives can find hidden faults and detect leaks, and their drones can reach even the highest roof. Offering standard, advanced, and specialist inspections, as well as the rental service, The Property Detectives’ team is dedicated to providing accurate, unbiased reports and work alongside homeowners, councils and engineers to get the job done.

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