The Influencers: Boyd Warren

Resilience and unity

Recent government announcements provide a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel for many businesses, especially those grappling with a shortage of skilled labour.

The tight labour market is evident in the record numbers of jobs advertised online and in the many case studies from local business of opportunity cost and opportunity lost.

Meanwhile our region still has 32 percent more jobseekers than it did pre-Covid-19. Addressing this mis-match of skills available versus skills required is the focus of much work across the public and private sector.

This multi-horizon mahi is crucial to continue sustainable growth in several of our region’s key sectors. Our food, fibre and agritech sector is being fuelled by strong international demand, the city’s tech, aerospace and manufacturing sectors
are expanding and health-related businesses are
being stretched.

We applaud the employers already innovating to retain and develop staff through flexible working, culture and values, enhanced tools of trade, internships, cadetships, apprenticeships and professional development.

Also, those employers exploring automation and process improvement. Alongside a range of city partners, ChristchurchNZ is supporting multiple skills pathways programs and bringing attention to the needs of the region’s employers and a prosperous economy.

Christchurch has repeatedly proven its resilience and unity. These traits are sure to position the city strongly for all that 2022 brings.

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