The golden touch: Golden Homes

Current building costs could have you resigned to compromises. You might be thinking the beautiful kitchen and bathroom you dreamed of are destined to remain a dream.

Happily, the Golden Homes team has solutions. “We have huge capability under our brand,” says local branch co-owner Dean McGuigan. “We have the advantage of suppliers who are experienced and large enough to carry a depth in their range of materials. This enables us to cater for upgrades without the common cost hikes.”

The new architectural design and build show home at Faringdon beautifully illustrates their approach. “It has incredible specifications and cleverly clean lines. It doesn’t have unnecessary complexity designed into it,” says Dean. “That way a good proportion of the budget can go into including special features that the homeowner can use and love every day. The features absolutely give it the wow factor.”

The Mal Corboy designed kitchen and scullery, together with the dining area, form the hub of the beautiful and functional home. “We’ve ensured the master bedroom and bathrooms are stunning to further increase the desirability of this cost-effective home,” says Dean, adding that it is open seven days 12-4pm with someone at the home to answer all your questions.” 


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