Improving community wellbeing: Peter Townsend Te Papa Hauora Health Precint Chair

I have a strong belief that the term ‘Community Wellbeing’ is going to become common currency in 2024, especially here in Canterbury, Waitaha.

At Te Papa Hauora Health Precinct, we exist to promote health research, education, workforce development, innovation and health innovation, with the ultimate goal of improving community wellbeing. In this context, ensuring equitable outcomes is critical.In a past life as CEO of The Chamber, there was a strong emphasis on encouraging good, sustainable, profitable businesses to support community wellbeing.

Peter Townsend, Chair of Te Papa Hauora Health Precinct

Imagine a community where there is no business,or businesses have collapsed, and you will understand that imperative. The role of local government is currently under more scrutiny than ever. It should be overtly defining its purpose as creating an environment that supports and encourages wellbeing, for the community it serves.

Now that the changes in central government are settling, I hope we are going to see a focus on delivering their aspirations in the context of improving wellbeing nationally. If not, we should be asking why not? It is just such a fundamental premise. It is a simple goal, but it is one that all of us should have in common.

How can we play our part, wherever we may be and whatever we are doing, to support community wellbeing in all its manifestations and make New Zealand an even better place to live?

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