The Brawn & the Brains: MBC

Tailoring environmental solutions perfectly to their clients is something that never fails to energise Mark and Felicity, owners of MBC.




Both graduates from Canterbury and Lincoln universities respectively, Felicity and Mark enjoy getting the basics right for customers, who are often involved in large-scale or environmentally exacting build projects or site management. “Our team of 15 appreciates being able to take on work that’s physically tough, yet which requires science and significant intellectual effort. It’s how we lighten the burden for customers who may be daunted or confused by their environmental management compliance responsibilities,” Mark says.

“Setting up and managing sites and spaces for ongoing safety is also incredibly important for everyone,” he adds.  MBC’s health and safety system is now certified to an international standard. Specialising in a range of niche environmental works, Felicity and Mark have found asbestos management is increasingly forming their core business. With the bulk of earthquake-related clean-up now easing, MBC is witnessing a renewed awareness of the risks and responsibilities surrounding asbestos.

A two-year-old system of asbestos-work-licensing has raised the bar, Mark says, “with many cowboys having now fallen away from the asbestos industry”. MBC believes Canterbury leads the charge in environmental management, as post-seismic experience has fortified local expertise.



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