The beauty of wood: Murray Hewitt Joinery

The loveliness of solid timber has been pleasing the human eye for millennia and we never tire of an exquisitely hewn piece in pale or dark woods or reds, or striped and patterned. However, as time passes there are fewer people about with the ability to bring that beauty into our homes.

If you are renovating or building, you can’t do better for adding value, point of difference, stopping visitors in their tracks, and of course your everyday pleasure than to bring crafted solid wood into your home. But where to find a team who have the skills and will take the time?

Murray Hewitt Joinery has not only the craft and the time, but the passion for working in solid wood. Every job from replacing window sashes to stairs, balustrading to bi-folding doors is approached with care and enthusiasm. “We have just completed a solid timber library and entry way,” says director Murray Hewitt, “its really stunning.”

Able to source just about any wood you can think of from maple and walnut to American oak and wenge, just bring in the looks you’d like to replicate, and the team will help select the right wood for the job.

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