Here comes the sun

Longer days equate to more sun and time spent relaxing in our sunniest spots. Many homes have sun rooms, positioned where best to capture the warm rays. Of course it doesn’t have to be a whole room, maybe just a sunny corner with some cosy chairs, a coffee table, a few books, a rug and some soft cushions. Here are some suggestions from Metropol.

White is ideal for a sunroom because it helps to enhance the airy mood of the space. Paint the walls and ceiling white or light colours, and use floaty, airy window treatments, and white or bright coloured contrast furniture.
A mid-coloured floor will help to keep the room grounded.

Comfy cosy is the order of the day with sofas and chairs. Wicker works well too, as do slatted wooden beach-style chairs with soft cushions. Add a few throws and pillows, some potted plants, maybe a drinks trolley, and a coffee table laden with books and Metropol magazines.

Decorate your space according to your style and colours. For a minimalist sunroom try a candle lantern, a favourite piece of art and furniture with clean lines. For a more boho look, use wicker, bright textiles and prints, jute rugs and woven planters. You could also try outdoor furniture and accessories.

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