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A really special part of my role at ChristchurchNZ is watching talent grow in our city.

Thanks to Christchurch’s thriving innovation ecosystem, our city has many young innovators working to build a better future for people and the planet.

Emily Blythe, the founder and CEO of Pyper Vision, is one of these remarkable talents, and at just 26 years old, she has been named Spark New Zealand Innovator of the Year. What a great recognition of the talent and innovation we have here in Ōtautahi.

Her innovation is working to solve a global economic and environmental problem– fog delays at airports.

Fog disruptions cost $18.5 billion a year globally and create more carbon emissions from diverted flights. Pyper Vision’s specially designed, environmentally-friendly drone creates safe visibility at airports by dispersing fog. And it could be a gamechanger.

Pyper Vision is one example of the city’s aerospace community that is going from strength to strength. Christchurch is already an aerospace hub, due in part to the tech ecosystem and advanced manufacturing sector, but also because of our geography. We have a generous expanse of skies, clear airways, remote seas to the south and easy access to international sea and airports. And the Kaitorete Spit is technically the best site in Aotearoa for aerospace activity.

So don’t be surprised if by 2030 our city is referred to as Aotearoa’s aerospace capital. Our advantages are significant, and Emily leads a pathway of talented innovators taking their tech to the world.

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