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What can your genes say about your health? Unichem Cashel

Did you know your DNA can provide a blueprint for your health? And a new genetic testing service at Unichem Cashel can help people make better choices about their health, with trained pharmacists able to offer personal advice based on your genetic makeup.

Head Pharmacist Annabel Turley.


The inner-city pharmacy is now home to Ingeneous DNA testing, which uses specialised sequence testing to provide insights and information that you can act on to improve your health and wellbeing.

Head Pharmacist Annabel Turley has completed specialist training to bring Ingenous to Canterbury, as she herself has used genetic testing to improve her health.

“One of the reasons I got into genetic testing is because there is some inherited conditions in my family, and identifying those at a genetic level allows me to make lifestyle changes which can reduce my chances of the conditions developing.”

Ingeneous is designed to help you make better choices with personalised advice, designed for your unique genetic make-up. Its founder, Dr Libby Lindsay, developed the service after years of battling eczema, migraines, lactose intolerance, depression and infertility.

“Understanding your genetic blueprint can have a profound impact on your wellbeing,” she says. “When I finally did a DNA test I learnt how I could improve my health by understanding how my body responded to diet, exercise, lifestyle and supplements. Having this personalised genetic roadmap changed my life.”

While our genes are fixed, environmental and lifestyle factors can influence how they are expressed, which is why Ingeneous reports and recommendations are designed to be useful and practical, says Dr Lindsay.

“I want to get the word out that your quality of life can be improved. One of the best ways of really knowing our health potential lies within our genes.”


Health and wellbeing that lasts: Unichem Cashel

Wondering how to achieve health and wellbeing that lasts? Want to do this naturally, without processed foods, meal replacements or fad diets? Taste Success at Unichem Cashel Pharmacy is a holistic approach to health and wellbeing that celebrates simple, fresh and easy meals which taste delicious!


Head Pharmacist Annabel Turley.


You won’t find processed foods, meal replacements, calorie counting or fad diets as part of Taste Success, says Head Pharmacist Annabel Turley.

“Your diet plays a massive part in your health and wellbeing,” she says. “Taste Success provides a realistic, non-judgemental approach.

“We meet you where you’re at and encourage you to practice loving kindness toward yourself as you gently change your eating habits.”

Designed by an experienced naturopath, Tracey Loughran, there are three programmes under Taste Success – Foundation, Skin and Refresh.

Each programme includes support from a holistic nutritionist as well as one-on-one support from the pharmacy’s passionate and caring team.

The 12-week Foundation programme gives you a solid, easy-to-follow plan to get your eating right on track for a “healthier, more energised you”, says Annabel.

It includes recipes that are tasty, easy to prepare, family-friendly and varied; meal plans that do the thinking for you and make meal preparation a breeze like lunches that are left over from the night before – and all of which are nutritionally balanced to prevent cravings which can drive unhealthy food habits.

The specialised six-week Skin programme has been developed to naturally improve skin health through nutrition.

“The recipes not only taste delicious, but also contain nutrients that are aimed at supporting healthy skin,” says Annabel.

“Whether you have eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, dryness, itchy skin or other conditions, this programme nourishes your skin from the inside out. It is based on easy recipes made from clean wholefoods, so it not only works on your skin health, but your whole wellbeing.”

The Refresh was developed due to popular demand as a further twelve weeks of delicious meals and weekly menus.

“A slight step up from the Foundation programme, Taste Success Refresh includes more high quality, nutrient-dense foods to keep you moving in the right direction for optimising your health and wellbeing.”

Find out more or book at the website below, or contact Unichem Cashel on (03) 595 1289 or via


The vital truth about vitamins and minerals: Unichem Cashel

With common symptoms like fatigue, headaches and muscle pain – it can be easy to live unaware of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Unichem Cashel Head Pharmacist Annabel Turley tells Metropol how treating these issues can be simple – but greatly improve quality of life.



What is a vitamin and mineral deficiency, and how do they happen?
“It is when you’re not getting enough nutrients like vitamins and minerals from your diet, or you’re taking medications that deplete the vitamins and minerals in your body. There’s a number of common medications which many people in New Zealand take which can prevent vitamins and minerals being absorbed into the body. Our soil also doesn’t have a lot of minerals in it, so we don’t always get enough from our food. A lot of people don’t understand a vitamin and mineral deficiency can affect your overall health – and it can be so simple to fix.”

Can you tell if you are deficient?
“The symptoms are similar to a number of common complaints, like migraines, headaches, muscle pain and cramps, and low energy levels – so it can be hard for the untrained eye to determine what may be behind these common issues. You can get a blood test to see your iron levels or B12, but a lot of vitamin and mineral deficiencies can be treated via the symptoms. Our staff are all trained specifically to spot these symptoms, and to provide appropriate and informed advice.”

How can these issues be treated?
“It can be as simple as taking a multi-vitamin for some people who may be having general signs of vitamin or mineral deficiency – but not all vitamin supplements are created equally. It is best to seek advice from someone who has been trained and upskilled to not only spot symptoms, but to advise on the specific type of supplement.
“For example, not all supplements can easily be absorbed by the body so there are different forms which are better for different conditions and to be used with different medications.”

Find Unichem Pharmacy at 111 Cashel Street from Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, and Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5pm.



Unichem Cashel

Beating stress to gain life: Unichem Cashel

According to Annabel Turley, pharmacist and owner of Unichem Cashel Holistic Pharmacy, stress impacts our mental and physical wellbeing in more ways than we could imagine.


Unichem Cashel


“The problem is that people simply don’t realise they’re stressed. Post-quake conditions, for instance, are still a major contributor to stress in this city.” Annabel cites couples seeking to become pregnant as another extremely stressful situation. Having watched a family member going through the emotional trauma that can accompany fertility treatments, Annabel decided she wanted to become more proactive in this area. Soon she begins her studies for the National Fertility NZ Educator Course.

“We have couples attending our Natural Health clinic who are being educated in making those necessary changes to their diet and lifestyle in order to improve their chances for pregnancy; it’s so important to seek infertility advice and treatment early on – don’t waste those precious years, because it can make such a difference to the outcome.”

Annabel says that aside from the usual medical reasons obstructing women getting pregnant, unrecognised and ongoing stress definitely doesn’t help either, and the sooner this is addressed, the better.  “Unichem Cashel Pharmacy is unique in that we have a natural health clinic providing the best advice, education and natural treatments for destressing in this hectic 21st century. To complete my training as a fertility educator means so much to me. I love doing this – helping couples achieve their dream of a successful pregnancy.”


For more information phone 03 595 1289, visit or find at