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A travelling feast: TwentyFour Catering

‘Have kit will travel’ is the mantra of Twentyfour Catering. Weddings all over the South Island are a speciality, and owner and chef Chantelle Quinn can conjure the feast of your dreams anywhere, often with just two ovens and a barbeque.


Owner and chef Chantelle Quinn


“We are very versatile and we have said yes to every location so far.”

Chantelle works closely with couples to ensure the logistics work and menus are personalised to each wedding.

Chantelle remembers a groom who asked for his grandmother’s adored salted caramel and pistachio cheesecake, so she created it in minis for his guests.

The food is classic French with Kiwi flavours, rustic, often with a lot of protein.

Six different meats could feature throughout the reception, which goes down extremely well with more rural weddings.

“I love seeing a wedding guest in an exquisite dress and fascinator tucking into a lamb cutlet and going back for more!”

TwentyFour Catering Co


Out-of-this-world delicious!

For Chantelle Quinn, Director of Twentyfour Catering Co, the course of true love does run smooth. Both New Zealand’s finest produce and the people she cooks it for, occupy equal first place in her heart. “I feel so lucky to do this job,” she says.


Chantelle Quinn, Director of Twentyfour Catering Co


“The quality of produce, the availability in Canterbury and the extent of free-range options means that, together with our talented team, our results are out-of-this-world delicious.”

A recent free-range plated duck dish has Chantelle’s mouth watering as she remembers it. Having had her own restaurant, she has found her true passion in catering.

“It’s so much more personal; it makes our days special when we go into someone’s house to meet and cook for them. We love the process of getting to know people and having them become completely comfortable with us in their home.”

Catering for private dining is a specialty and, as a small family business, they don’t pre-prepare menu lists.

Instead, Chantelle and her team meet you and talk about your event type, preferences and guest list, creating personalised menus from there.

“Our take on food is Kiwi style with a French influence,” Chantelle says. “We do canapes, small plates, standing events, wedding and corporate events.”

An array of trucks is not their style.

“We are more bespoke – a private kitchen, hire equipment and it’s amazing what we can do with a barbeque,” she says.

With the motto “have kit, will travel” you too can have your own Twentyfour Catering Co food affair.


TwentyFour Catering Co

Catering your special day: TwentyFour Catering Co

TwentyFour Catering Co is breaking ground all over the South Island. Although they’re based in Ashburton, the team loves to travel and no distance is too far to be a part of your special day.


TwentyFour Catering Co


Owner and Executive Chef Chantelle Quinn is passionate about providing a top quality service to take the stress out of your special day and takes pride in sourcing local, natural ingredients to deliver a unique menu catered to your personal style and to suit all guests.

TwentyFour Catering Co has been incredibly successful since its inception in 2014, providing a boutique hospitality experience, regardless of the size of the event.

Chantelle’s bubbly approach with clients sets the company apart in the world of catering. The team takes the time to get to know you so they can add personal touches to your special day.

Phone Chantelle on 027 356 1212 to discuss having TwentyFour Catering Co as part of your celebration.

Twentyfour Catering, photographer Tegan Clark.

Winter eats: get inspired to eat healthy this winter

Conventional wisdom has it that in lieu of thermals and scarves, the cooler temperatures trigger a biological change that make animals inclined to eat higher quantities of energy-dense food to keep warm.

Twentyfour Catering, photographer Tegan Clark.
Twentyfour Catering, photographer Tegan Clark.

And, although we humans may not put on our own winter coats in this evolutionary sense, fact is cooler temperatures, fewer daylight hours and more time spent inside can all have a significant effect on when, how much and even what we’re hungry for.
While we don’t see anything wrong with indulging a little over the winter months, our diets can be an integral ally in the war against the sniffles and snuffles.
So how can we pack a nutritional punch powerful enough to wage a strong dietary defence?

A perfect pairing

A healthy slow-release breakfast designed to keep you full of energy until lunch, porridge is a great way to start the day and makes a perfect pairing with nuts or seeds and some seasonal winter fruit like apples, pears, cranberries or dates.

A powerful punch

Foods like sweet potatoes, tomatoes, red peppers and citrus fruits pack a powerful vitamin C punch and, when it comes to immunity and energy, vitamin C is top of the nutritional charts.

Iron-rich inspiration

Red meats, lentils and green leafy vegetables are good sources of iron, which supports a healthy immune system and what better opportunity than this to incorporate some inspiring eats like the pictured lamb cutlets from Twentyfour Catering Co that made our delicious cover this issue.

Zoom in on zinc

When the temps start to plummet, we can come into contact with cold and flu viruses. Zinc can help contribute to a well-functioning immune system. Oysters, spinach and legumes are good sources.

At the root of health

You’ve likely heard of the traditional ‘comfort foods’, but there’s actually plenty of nutritious options out there too. Roasted root vegetables are a delicious and sweet option, or soups packed with vegetables – and garlic and ginger for an added nutritional kick.

Back to B12 basics

Fish such as salmon and cod, as well as milk, eggs and cheese, are a great source of vitamin B12. A nutritional immune system support, B12 also contributes to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue.

Twentyfour Catering Co

Delicious travelling feasts : Twentyfour Catering puts on a good spread

‘Have kit, will travel’ is Twentyfour Catering’s mantra. The team specialises in weddings throughout the South Island, and owner and Chef Chantelle Quinn says the flexibility to travel means the team can conjure up delicious feasts anywhere, often with just two ovens and a barbeque. “We are very versatile and have said yes to every location so far, from the Canterbury high country to Wanaka.”

Twentyfour Catering Co
By working with the bride and groom to ensure the logistics work, the menu is tailored to each wedding. One groom asked for his grandmother’s adored apricot and almond cheesecake, so Chantelle created it in minis.
Twentyfour’s style might be best described as classic French with Kiwi flavours. The food is rustic and often features a lot of protein: six different meats could be served over three courses. Chantelle gets a kick out of seeing wedding guests in their exquisite outfits and fascinators, heartily tucking into a lamb cutlet and going back for more!