Building trust

Recent Australian research has found that ‘trust’ is the foundation of all human connections. The same research showed that while there are people and professions trusted for their honesty, equally there are people and organisations that are distrusted. “This goes to the heart of corporate culture and governance for every company,” (partner content from Roy […]

All about Ashburton

We catch up with what’s happening in our favourite little southern spot   Marty Down Under – NZ Harvest Farmers Bash (South Island) Date: 7 March Location: 160 Main Street, Methven, Ashburton District (Mount Hutt Memorial Hall) Marty Mone has many titles; singer-songwriter, performer, agricultural contractor and trucker. Uniquely in a category of his own, this […]

Female entrepreneur event kicks off

A number of New Zealand’s leading lights in the purpose-driven entrepreneurial space are coming together to offer Kiwi women thought provoking, possibly life-changing, action packed events in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.     The March events are guaranteed to inspire, engage, connect and help participants better understand their true purpose and how important this is, […]