Living life to the max

He’s broken his back in three places and suffered a serious heart attack, but Jason Gunn isn’t letting life get him down.     Jason laid it all on the table for a packed audience at Alpine View Lifestyle Village, courtesy of their TRILife Talks Wellness Programme last month; the ups, the downs and everything […]

Appetite for life

After being dished up a serving of the real Jax Hamilton, you come away with an appetite for life.     The fun-loving queen of food first caught the public’s eye as MasterChef New Zealand’s runner-up in season two. Then for the next six years her Cheshire Cat smile and cockney banter brightened up the […]

A Culinary Queen

Annabel Langbein has personally penned more than 10,000 recipes.     I could almost tell you them all too; it’s like this huge computer in my head that would drive anyone else mad, but I love it,” she laughs. It was her dad that was the engineer by trade and, although Annabel had always thought […]

Captain of his own vessel

The official date is 31 December. That’s when the CE of Lyttelton Port Company, one of Canterbury’s largest employers, will step down and become captain of his own vessel.     After his 16-year tenure, Peter Davie will set sail in May around the South Pacific in a 47ft Dutch-designed Van der Stadt. Yachts are […]